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The Trendiest Fashion in 2022 You Should Know - Escape

The Trendiest Fashion in 2022 You Should Know

Bright and bold colours without specific trends or rules are here to stay — The ultimate guide toward fashion for 2022

Our wardrobe is in a retrograde through the years, what comes around goes around. For the year 2022 fashion enthusiasts look into vibrant and joyous colours, bringing back class and elegance in our wardrobes.


a woman wearing designer clothing sitting comfortably in a chair

Three major dilemmas

As a woman, we find it difficult to choose what to wear and what clothes to shop and where to shop.

We usually look up to celebrities and models and try to copy their style because celebrities are trendsetters. But not at all times you will take the liking of their taste, the question is not really "what is the trend" but "what are you most daring to wear?"


Fashion is an expression

There is no definite trend that fits all, the way we dress is how we perceived ourselves on the inside. If we see someone who is bold and daring, someone who is feminine and demure it echoes in the way we dress. Clothing gives an overview of your character and even boosts your confidence. Feeling good about one’s self and maximizing tools to stand out among others.

“Fashion trends are expressions of trends – which are socio-culturally grounded – in aesthetic spheres, mostly utilizing visual and haptic characteristics applied to clothing and apparel products, and are often considered fads or short-term trends” Amanda Queiroz Campos Brigitte Wolf

Trends are only a short-term occurrence and filling your wardrobe trend base is not worth it, when we choose our clothes, we must think of them as something we'd like to wear for the next 3-5 years. Fashion should be sustainable as well as pleasing to the eyes.


Met Gala 2022

In the fashion industry, the Gala met is the most awaited moment every year. Thousands of talented designers, tailors, and fashion enthusiast dresses celebrities according to the year's theme. For the year 2022 the theme America: An Anthology of Fashion is part two of the exhibition and a follow-up theme to the last year's theme.

And for a bit of historical context on the theme: Gilded Glamour is a reference to America’s Gilded Age, the period of rapid industrialization and massive economic growth during the roughly three decades that preceded the turn of the century — GQ

For the longest time Gala met has global influence to fashion. Now that it hints its way to the past fashion, making the value of the Gilded Glamour couture it is most looking to vintage style but in a down-tone manner.

“Not only can garments function as an ode to the past, but can also serve as commentary on lived experiences,” Ms. Woronczak said.


Fashion preview

The essence of being stylish is identifying your "style" and realizing that even though we hoop into the trend we can still modify it in a very personal manner. Fashion is not only about garments but also signatures.

The fashion styles of celebrities are not only there for us to copy the same thing, those styles from the Gala Met, for instance, can inspire enthusiasts to create their pieces from their wardrobe.

The intensive comeback of designers occurred after the pandemic. Where a lot of people are isolated in their houses for over a year and the freedom, they have finally restored fuels their hustle to express themselves and the art that was postponed for the longest time. The bold effort that is seen in the pieces of the designer brands is the reaction to the restraints that we had under the pandemic.

Cheering on to the success of attaining what was lost, freedom. Makers rendered efforts into the joyous and fierce output that sparkles hope in people allowing them to conquer everything in a positive brace through styles.


A woman happy with her designer clothing style.


As we try to embrace sustainability in the fashion industry, we must consider purchasing quality items rather than buying those that will lose flavour over time. Every year 14 million tons of clothing are thrown away. It is no longer 'wear once' as we head through styles, we must opt to buy pieces that we will definitely love and will most likely wear every time in different outfits and an open chance of alterations. You may also like to explore clothing brands, that are conscious of straightforward fashion pieces that also aim to create garments that last down fashion trends.

Let us sort your closet out. We have categories for our clothes like tops, dresses, jeans etc. We also have categories on how to style them. Finding out what style suits you best will help you slay your closet, here we will be sharing with you the biggest fashion forecast for the year 2022.


How to style your fashion

1. Boho

The bohemian look started in the 1960s and 1970s but is still relevant up until today, bohemian style is focusing on free and flowy fabrics. With bohemian style, you can stick to exotic patterns and textures without worrying to be overdressed because that is the drama of the outfit to be dreamy and realistic. One leading Australian luxury brand famously known for CAMILLA offers hand-drawn silks that can be associated with the category of Boho.

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What else do you get from CAMILLA?

The brand ensures to offer you high-quality and pure silks that can be infinitely timely and could never go out of style. These painted silks can be exceptionally stylish attire that emphasizes softness and elegance. A little trivia: silk painting is a unique medium for artists to express mystique and charm in their works. Not only do you have the best clothes but you also embody the art itself.

These are a few examples of how to slay a boho look

A woman wearing Camilla button front frill dress

a woman modelling Camilla wrap dress with ruffle sleeve


Camilla Button Front Frill Dress

A crimson-colored dress with delicate florals.


Camilla Wrap Dress with Ruffle Sleeve

For those who love to steal the eye of the spectators, wearing this dress with lavish golden details, will be perfect for you.

With this aesthetic you feel like yourself, laid-back and confident. It incorporates all things at once and bends the social stigma in fashion.


What to buy next

Footwear: To equally match your outfit you must choose footwear that doesn't tone down your style. Make sure to select something that compliments your outfit wear earth tones or neutral-coloured shoes or flats with minimal details. Check out these promising footwear.

Jewellery: Accessories add a statement to your look, oftentimes women use pieces of jewellery for symbolism for various messages. It also amplifies confidence in the wearer. 


Editor's pick...

Camilla Slides in Reign Supreme collection


Camilla Printed Slide | Reign Supreme

A mosaic of peach petals, golden chains, and purple botanicals comes together upon a crisp white sole. This statement slide features shimmering crystals, a reflective gold logo, and a petite heel.

a woman modelling Liberte earring


Liberte - Bodhi Rose Gold Hoop Earring

A key addition to your collection, this chic hoop has a strong focus on texture.

Women's Designer Hat



Ace of Something Bramwelli Fedora - Natural / White Band

Bold in both nature and design, the Bramwelli Fedora by Ace of Something is for the adventurer. The perfect piece to take with you everywhere life takes you.


2. Vintage

A lot of people find it fascinating to continue to dress in the old fashion way and vogue pieces from the past remain to resurface even though there is competition with the new trends.

One downside of our today's world fashion is that most companies focus on mass production rather than quality and style. It is very tricky to find a clothing line with utmost priority to qualities.

Vintage fashion is known for its quality and rare icons that we wish to have. The popularity of vintage has come through education, and it's a response to fast fashion – Frank Akinsete. Acknowledging and learning about the lapses of our fashion industry we'd take the courage to look for something that could make us stand out among others.

We talked about aiming for fashion to be sustainable and this is one of the reasons why there are people who love to dress in a vintage theme. To lessen the disposed of clothing and promote upcycling in our trends.

On the other hand, some people are attracted to vintage styles because of the influence of tv series and also because they offer an escape from our modern world. Turetsky said that wearing these garments is like a "way to experience a different life through clothing."

The Vintage style looks expensive and stylish because it is a known fashion era that has a more precise fit, was made with greater attention and was made with better quality enduring the passage of time. We are aiming to achieve that kind of value.


Where can we buy vintage-style pieces?

If you are looking for a brand that offers pieces in the style of vintage you can try to skim through Trelise Cooper. Trelise Cooper offers exquisite garments with world-class quality, extremely known and trusted in the fashion industry.

 Trelise Cooper Ink Jacket A woman wearing Trelise Cooper designer clothing Trelise Cooper Ink Skirt


Trelise Cooper Seam A Little Seam Jacket - Ink

This gorgeous jacket is inspired by vintage tailoring.




Trelise Cooper Leave Them In Tiers Skirt - Navy Floral

The iconic Trelise Cooper skirt designed in the stunning, flocked silk organza with beautiful floral design throughout.

What to buy next

Shoes: Shoes have an impact on our whole outfit. When we choose what shoes to wear or buy, we should be thinking of colours or designs that suit the style we are trying to sport. Now that we are attempting to achieve a vintage look our shoes should be in earth-tone or neutral colours, in that sense it would not steal the momentum of our outfit.

Bags: Bags is an essential to our looks just like our jewellery it conveys a message to people. The bag is both functional and symbolic as we wear them.


Editor's pick...

Women's clutch bag in tan colour


Elms + King Small Bowel Clutch/Wallet Tan

The Bowery Clutch provides the convenience of a crossbody with the stylishness of a clutch made from premium PU, with 14-karat light gold-plated hardware.

Women's designer boots


Miss Wilson Megan Boot - Vintage Tan Calf

The all-day, everyday boot. The Megan features a block heel and a rounded toe shape.


3. Classic

The classic look is bearing the most natural attire of all, oftentimes they don't display the flashiest look in the room but it is the most elegant among others. This showcases the personality of preference of the person in terms of their clothing style, neat cuts, and concern with minimal patterns.

In this style, you can notice the excellent detail in tailoring but not in the pattern of the outfit. The colours are in the simplest tone and are neutral. This style is not meant to impress others but to present yourself elegantly.

Classic also equates to personality, usually, people who like to remain modest prefer to dress this way. They like to be appropriately dressed for any occasion and always be nicely turned out. For your style to remain simple, refined, and somewhat restrained!

Our style is how we brand ourselves and we'd like to give the people we meet at certain events, the impression that we are someone who knows the significance of moments with sophisticated personalities. People don't take long to judge us and one thing they first look out for is how we dress so it is very important to know when and how to look at our best.


Where to buy a classy outfit

It is tricky to find a store where we can purchase high-quality items, if you'd like to look at a brand that fits what you are looking for, you can check on Loobies Story they offer collections that uplift the feminity of a woman.  

a woman wearing trendy Loobies Story blouse

a woman modelling Loobies Story wide pant


Loobies Story Harmony Shirt China Blue

The elegantly draped sleeve is edged with a delicate ruffle and shirred cuffs with a classic collar and shirt-tail-shaped hem.


Loobies Story Uma Wide Leg Pant – Bone

Wide-leg pants in soft twill with metallic stitched detailing at the side seams.



What to buy next

Coat: To complete your classy look add a Capucine Coat to finalize your outfit. Coat defines your style more and emphasizes details. Usually, when wearing a coat gives us confidence and also radiates independence and power.

Jewelry: You might also love adding delicate fashion pieces to make your whole look louder than it already is. Simple but elegant earrings like Cleo Rose Gold Earring will add a story to your outfit, considering also adding rings for symbolism.


Editor's Pick...

designer gold earring for women


Liberte - Dahlia Gold Ring

This piece is made out of love and it embodies the hard work and effort of the creator. This can also serve as a symbol for women out there.

A woman wearing a designer gold earring


Liberte - Cleo Rose Gold Earring

The ball design makes your whole look timelessly beautiful. It is like a gaze at youthful and modern fashion, unending and flattering.

A woman wearing a Lobbies story coat


Loobies Story Capucine Coat – Bone

A luxurious wool-blend waterfall coat with whipstitch detail and front pockets define you’re your attire.


Check these trendy fashion brands out for women: