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Fashion Tips for Petite Women You Should Know

Fashion Tips for Petite Women You Should Know

If you have ever experienced shopping for clothes and ended up not buying them because they are not fit for your body type, you are not alone. We also know women who experience the same problem. But somehow, it is prevalent among petite women.

But every fashion crisis has a solution. Here we will talk about some fashion tips for petite women and how they can dress to make them seem larger than they appear. If you are a little woman struggling with her everyday OOTD (outfit of the day), you can try these different styles.


Petite Sizes

Women of shorter stature usually have a height below average, around 5'4" and below. You are who we would call in common parlance to be short or, better yet, cute. But your height is not the main issue when dressing up; you do not know how to present yourself to look taller and more significant than your actual proportions.

Clothes made in petite sizes are designed specifically for little women, with measures that range from extra-small to plus-size. They are easily identified with the label P to indicate that they are smaller and in a specifically proportioned fit. The difference, however, between petite and what we consider to be regular is the shorter sleeves, hemlines, inseams, and rises.

If you are petite, you no longer need to feel unsure about your height or body type. Let us now talk about fashion tips for you to look and feel your best.


Fashion Tips for Petite Women

It is mainly challenging to dress up based on your body type, and it is the most natural reaction to pick some clothing off the rack, especially if you love the colour or design. After all, if you like it on the shelf, you will wear it in your closet. Well, that is where we can often go wrong.

Many petite women like you are still struggling with their style; sometimes, you tend to wear clothes you like but choose the wrong accessories. Sometimes, the clothes you want do not even come in your size.

Follow these tips to gain confidence in your body type.


Know the right fit for you

The first thing on the list should be to know your measurements, and shortage in height is not the only factor that can qualify you under the petite category.

Get to know more about your body shape and proportions, inseam and preferred sleeve length. Knowing your measurements is helpful if you want to purchase the correct size. Each brand has its size chart, so you need to have a general reference of the measure that will fit you. Because honestly, not everyone can rock an oversized look.


Finding the right neckline

Being small is not your fault, biology happened, and you had to suffer its consequences. But it is easy to deceive people that you look taller than you are. Aside from wearing heels, you can also create the illusion of height by wearing shirts or dresses with just the right neckline.

Show some skin along your chest and neck area, emphasised through a traditional v-neck shirt. Or anything that does not go high up on your neck. Of course, V necklines are universally flattering, but it works best for women with shorter torsos.


Balancing your look

There are basic "fashion don'ts" that you should remember unless you want to stand out, and not in a good way. Your overall look should match; consider the pattern, colour combination, and even the accessories you choose to accentuate. You must balance your look and avoid wearing a patterned shirt with a patterned bottom.

If either of the pieces you chose to wear for that day is loud in colour or pattern, pair it with a monotonous piece. If you feel like wearing an oversized shirt, the best thing to do is pair it with a slimmer bottom. Skinny jeans or leggings would work to create a balance in your overall look.

You can always accessorise if you are sporting a simple look, but keep the accessories to a minimum if you plan to wear a bold dress.

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Try cropped tops

A cropped top is different from a crop top; the former has a slightly shorter than average hemline shirt, whereas the latter shows your midriff when worn. Cropped tops are recommended for women of more petite stature because they reach the end just around your waist or above, making your legs look elongated.



Pants or jeans are a staple in everyone's wardrobe, and you can enhance your look and the illusion of height with just the proper pants.


High-waisted pants

First, choose pants that sit high on your waistline - cropped, high-waisted pants with a fitted cut are preferred. Mid-rise jeans are acceptable, but low-rise jeans are a definite no.

If you consider your short height or small stature a flaw, you need to bank on your "imperfections" and use them. And high-waisted, or mid-rise jeans, create the illusion of a longer leg line.

Here's a tip: take that cropped top and pair it with your high-waisted bottoms; this is another trick to looking taller.


Flared pants

Flared pants do not just belong in the 70s; revamping past fashion styles has been the norm lately; it should include flares. Flares are a friend to short women to make their legs look longer.

Since we have talked about high-waist jeans, why not try to get your hands on a pair of high-waisted, flared jeans. And see the magic as it unfolds just right in front of the mirror.


Editor's Pick

Women's Loobies Story Ava Classic Pant in Indigo


Loobies Story Ava Classic Pant Indigo

These classic pants from Loobies Story are stretch velveteen pants with a slim fit, and it has a straight leg line, sitting just right at the waist. You can also experiment using the pants and cuff from the bottom to show some skin around the leg area.

Women's Paige Christy Pant in Vintage Salt Blue


Paige Christy Pant - Vintage Salt Blue

The Paige Christy Pant comes in drawstring waistband pants with a tapered feature. It is perfect for your trim physique as it features a high rise. It is cuffed just above the ankle and is ideal for your everyday casual look when paired with your regular sneakers. Or a classy weekend look with your strap-on heels.

Women's Camilla Paperbag Waist Wide Leg Pant


Camilla Paper Bag Waist Wide Leg Pant

Add some flare into your wide leg pant with this pair from Camilla, adorned with hand-embellished crystals all over the luxury silk fabric. You can use this piece on more than just one occasion and pair it with white sneakers for a chic look or formal events when paired with heels.


Colours and prints

If you love patterns, then here's a treat for you. Small and slim women who love prints should stock up on vertical patterns. Since we are all about looking taller, vertical lines draw the eyes up and down instead of sideways, and vertical patterns will trick the eyes into thinking that you have more to offer vertically.
Solid-coloured outfits also create one seamless line from head to toe. You can also wear neutral coloured footwear or nude shoes to elongate your body further.


Dress up

Putting together an outfit with your jeans but in a hurry or not wanting to make a fuss? A dress that defines your waist is your go-to. Choose one with a low neckline, but not too much, only to the length that you are the most comfortable with. The dress should also have a flattering hemline length to emphasise the length of your legs to elongate them and trick the mind into thinking the same.


Choosing the right accessories

Do you know what else is challenging for petite women? Accessorising. You should match your accessories to your outfit, your bag should be just the right size, and add a belt to accentuate your midsection.

They're all essential things to keep in mind when making your short physique appear taller and more extended.


Editor's Pick

small canvas clutch bag in a leopard and floral print


Camilla Small Canvas Clutch

A leopard and floral print clutch bag will go well with your light, monochromatic look. The size is not too big and is perfect for women of small stance.

black oval buckle belt


PR 4155 Oval Buckle Belt

Cinch your waist to emphasise your torso with this thin belt from Paula Ryan. The strap is perfect for accentuating your midsection, and it will not cover too much of your waistline.

fashionable sunglasses for women


Quay Flight Risk - Black White Tort / Smoke

Complete your look with these cat’s-eye sunglasses from Quay. It features curved brow bar with luxe gold accent detailing to take your look to the next level.


Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are longer when compared to your knee-length or regular length dresses. Typically they would reach down to your ankle or even longer, and they are usually form-fitting tops with a loose and flowy bottom.

The length of a maxi dress would make you look shorter, but sometimes you cannot help it; you have to have one in your wardrobe. Of course, there is a way to wear a maxi dress and still rock it with your slight build.

Choose a side slitted maxi dress to counteract the blocky, frumpy feel the dress gives off. You can modify the length or choose one that falls between your ankle and the top of your foot. You can also select a v-neck maxi dress that has a structure that hugs your curves. Do not go for a maxi dress that is flowy at the bottom.


Editor's Pick

a long dress with floral design


Camilla Long Dress With Tie Front

This long dress styled with a tie in front of the top is from Camilla. The Straps are customisable and can easily be adjusted based on your preference. Pair this with a plain white belt to emphasise the waistline.

a red knee-length dress with v-neckline



Camilla Button Front Frill Dress

Another one from Camilla is this v-neckline, cinched waist, and around the knee-length dress. This dress checks off most of the requisites you should look for in a dress. Pair it with black pumps, and you have a sophisticated look, or some strappy sandals if you want them casual.

a woman wearing shift dress


Moss & Spy Gladys Shift Dress

This dress that reaches a little below the knee and has a v-neckline is perfect if paired with a plain or monochromatic coloured blazer. Choose a blazer that is lighter in colour, so it does not contrast with the dress.


Choosing your skirts 

We have emphasised the importance of showing more of your legs throughout this blog. Skirts are a much-welcomed alternative to pants, and you can use your skirt for casual getaways or formal events with proper styling.

Flared or skater skirts are best for your stature. Pair them with some nude heels for a glamorous look; or a pair of white shoes or sneakers for a more laidback look. But chunky shoes are a 'no'; they are loud and will immediately capture people's attention.

Structured skirts or blazers are best to have, and anything that sits high on the waist. Here's a little something from us: tucking in is the answer to showing off your figure and giving you a more mature vibe.


Editor's Pick

a woman wearing a checkered blouse with a black mini skirt


Paige Aideen Skirt With Zips - Onyx Coating

This skirt is a must-have in your wardrobe. It is a high-waist luxe black coated mini skirt with a silver front zipper. The above knee length is just right for petite women. Pair it with your ankle boots, and accessorise.

a woman wearing long black skirt


Hansen & Gretel Corbin Skirt - Black

We did say slitted maxi dresses are best for women of a more petite physique. Try out this slitted skirt from Hansen & Gretel, and pair it with a plain top and strappy heels to get a sophisticated look.

a woman wearing a long silk dress with a high leg split


Hansen & Gretel Sybil Skirt - Lilac

Here is another slitted piece from Hansen & Gretel. The softer colour will complement your figure, and pair it with a crop top - the one that does not cover your midriff. It is perfect for an outdoor, casual look.


Jacket and Blazers

You do not need the everyday corporate look, but a blazer is still a must-have in your wardrobe. Define your body with short blazer styles that nip and flare at your hips to emphasise that part of your body. And the same is true with jackets.

Sometimes, regular-sized blazers and jackets will still look big for your body type. Oversized jackets are the best for a cosy night at home. So have some in your wardrobe, nonetheless. But here's a tip: keep them unbuttoned. Your vertical lines will look uninterrupted if the buttons, or zipper, are left undone.

The clothes you wear can tell a lot about you. You do not need to wear expensive stuff, but you can look the part if you know how to style yourself. 


Editor's Pick

a short tailored jacket with a hint of metallic thread



Loobies Story Isla Jacket - Indigo Multi

This short blazer style in vertical stripes pattern is perfect if paired with a single, light-coloured top. Just remember not to wear a patterned bottom. And if you have one in soft colour, that would blend well with this piece from Loobies Story.

a woman wearing long coat in blush colour



Loobies Story Capucine Coat - Blush

The blush colour works well with any patterned, dark coloured outfit. Keep it unbuttoned, and wear it on a chilly day with your favourite sneakers or ankle boots.

a woman wearing a leather jacker in irish cream colour


Paige Fontana Jacket - Irish Cream

This jacket from Paige Fontana sits just a few inches above the waist. It will work best if your chosen outfit consists of high-waisted pants, and the two will complement each other.


Shoes are part of the ensemble.

We have dropped a few tips about the shoes you should use for certain styles within this article. Here is just a recap of the ones we suggested: go for nudes or monochromatic coloured shoes, but not the chunky, eye-catching ones. Your heels are always a yes, but use the ones with a thin and delicate ankle strap.

Now let us talk about boots. Always go for ankle boots, not knee-high boots. The golden rule to looking taller is always to show off your legs and create the illusion that your torso is higher. Knee-high boots will make you look shorter because it covers some of your portions.

See more of these pieces from Loobies Story, Paige, Camilla, and more brands; you can go to Escape Clothing and browse for yourself. You will surely enjoy the selection of clothes they have for you.